master your mindset with journaling workbook

Transform Your Mindset With Journaling

Discover the exact tools to improve your mindset through journaling in only MINUTES per day!

If you struggle with negative self-talk and motivation when it comes to crushing your goals and you're NOT already journaling, you're missing a trick.

Journaling has been nothing short of life-changing for me.

For a long time, I dealt with a super-negative mindset.

I found myself constantly jumping to the wrong, negative conclusion.

I dreaded waking up in the morning.

I found it hard to form friendships and relationships because I always thought the worst of people.

Negativity attracts negativity and it became a vicious cycle.

I knew that if I was ever going to feel happiness - true, prolonged happiness - I had to figure out a way to improve my mindset.

It was then that I re-discovered journaling.

However, I wasn't sure HOW to journal.

What should I focus on?

Which journaling techniques would ACTUALLY help improve my mindset?

And how did I fit the right ones into my already-busy schedule?

When I did find the perfect combination of journaling techniques to improve my mindset, I couldn't keep it up. I would journal for a few days, weeks, and sometimes even months, but I always lost motivation.

This was until I put together the Countdown Method: my own journaling routine that I could do in just a few minutes, a few times a week.

The Countdown Method helps you get the most out of your journal practise in minimal time.

This intentional style of journaling helps you enjoy the benefits without getting overwhelmed, bored, or burnt out.

But... does journaling really work?


Studies show that journaling improves multiple aspects of your mindset.

It's therefore so upsetting that an estimated 61% of people aren't comfortable writing about their feelings and a staggering 80% have never even tried it!

Master Your Mindset With Journaling is for you:

🖋️Even if... you've tried journaling before.

🖋️Even if... you've "failed" at journaling before.

🖋️Even if... you suck at forming positive habits.

🖋️Even if... You struggle to motivate yourself to journal.

Take your mindset from 'meh' to marvellous :)

Introducing... the Master Your Mindset With Journaling Workbook

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Start Your Journal Journey Today!

What is the Master Your Mindset With Journaling Workbook?

14-Page Digital Workbook

This 14-page workbook walks you through the exact steps of my Countdown journaling method.

This helps you dive into each component of the Countdown journaling method, which will ultimately save you time when it comes to journaling AND help you reach a greater understanding of how and why it improves your mindset.

The workbook displayed on an ipad

Aaaand there's even more!

Check out these FREE added bonuses that are currently included with the Master Your Mindset With Journaling Workbook if you get it today.

habit tracker

Habit Tracker

Finding it hard to stick to journaling long-term and make it a positive habit?

Don't worry, I've got you covered.

This habit tracker helps you stay on track and turn your journal practise into a life-long habit to keep your mindset in a good place PERMANENTLY.

Countdown Method Printable

These printable journal pages lay out each step of the Countdown journaling technique taught in the course.

Having these printables, which I usually sell separately, saves you a TON of time and stress when it comes to your daily journal practise.

Countdown journal technique printable
Positive morning routine printable

Positive Morning Routine Printable

Keeping a positive morning routine in place is CRUCIAL for my well-being.

Here's a printable to help you do the same!

Master Your Mindset With Journaling will help you:

flowers and a journal on a table
Learn the most effective journaling techniques to improve your mindset.
Tea and a journal
Give you a clear, intentional direction with your journal practise, saving you TONS of time.

flowers and a journal on a table
Create a positive journaling habit that you can stick to.
Image of Nia, the course creator

Hi, I'm Nia! The creator of Master Your Mindset With Journaling and Seeking Serotonin.

I help millennials improve their mindset through journaling, affirmations, and shadow work.

I struggled with my mindset for years and then, when I discovered journaling as a great way to improve it, I struggled with staying motivated and consistent for long enough to see any of the long-term benefits.

Fortunately, after a lot of trail-and-error, I created a method (The Countdown Method), which helps me harness all the best journaling techniques for my mindset and condense them into a short daily practise. This ensured that I stuck to my journal habit and the rest is history.

Why Master Your Mindset With Journaling?

Well, does this sound familiar?

You've started a journal countless times but can never seem to make the habit stick
You've googled how to improve your mindset with journaling before but found all the information overwhelming
You're exhausted with feeling negative all the time and just want a more positive outlook, but don't know where to start

I get it, you've already:

✨Tried to redirect negative thinking.

✨Tried to just be 'more positive'.

✨Tried to practise self-care more often.

✨Made an attempt to remember your affirmations.

✨Read about different journal techniques.

✨Made note of a few journal prompts.

But, for some reason, you always end up back at square one!

Here's what Deanna had to say...

Deanna's testimonial about workbook
How the mindset workbook has helped Deanna


❌Learning how to deal with negative self-talk.

❌Not spending ages thinking of what to write in your journal.

❌Not beating yourself up for forgetting to journal.

❌Not feeling like you're wasting your time with journaling.

❌Not feeling like journal practise is getting you nowhere fast.

❌Not always waking up with a lack of direction.

❌Not letting negative emotions drown you.

❌Not being your own biggest bully.

❌Not feeling like journaling is useless for your mindset.

Ready to start journaling intentionally and transform your mindset today?

Grab all this cool stuff when you enrol today:

How amazing will it feel to finally:

Make journaling slot into your routine seamlessly.
Think positively instead of always jumping to the worst case scenario.
Handle emotions and problems in a healthy, productive way.
Grow as a human being.
Feel genuinely grateful for what you have.
Have goals and motivation to work towards them.
Unapologetically put yourself first - ALWAYS.
To be able to articulate your emotions.
To finish your journal practise in MINUTES while still getting amazing benefits.
100% money-back guarantee

Journaling can honestly be life-changing.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Will I get a copy of the workbook sent to my house?

No, the workbook is a digital product.

This means that, once your payment has gone through and you've logged in, you'll get instant access to ALL of the material straight away.

The workbook is a pdf.

#2. Is Master Your Mindset With Journaling good for people who are new to journaling?


#3. Is the workbook good for people who are experienced at journaling?


The workbook aims to help you improve your mindset through journaling. If your current journal practise doesn't already do this for you, you'll definitely learn more through this workbook.

#4. Will journaling help my mental health?

Master Your Mindset With Journaling aims to improve your mindset through journaling. It's designed to help you feel more positive and redirect negative thinking.

It is NOT for treating your mental health as I am not a professional therapist, counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist.

If you are seeking guidance for your mental health problems, please seek professional help.

#5. Will there be any additional costs once I've bought the workbook?


Once you've got the workbook, you have total access to it, as well as any updates and upgrades, for the entire time it's available.

#7. Is there a time limit to complete the workbook?

No, you can fill out the workbook as quickly or as slowly as you like.

#8. Is there a guarantee?


I would ever want you to feel unsatisfied with any of my courses or workbooks.

If you're unhappy with the workbook, I offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Master Your Mindset With Journaling is for you if...

you struggle with positive thinking and want to change that

you're drawn to journaling but can't seem to make it a habit
You want to grow as a person but you're short on time

Start your journal journey today.